Secure payment

Our secure payment 256 Bits

With SSL

Look at the website URL. It starts with "https" instead of "http", meaning that the site is protected by an SSL certificate (the s stands for secure).
SSL certificates protect all your data as it is transmitted from your browser to the website's server.

With padlock icon

A padlock icon, or lock icon, displayed in a web browser indicates a secure way in which communications between the browser and the web server are encrypted. Normally, you would expect to see the lock icon on sites where sensitive data can be transmitted, such as a bank site.

Using Stripe Bank/Paypal/Bank transfer/Bitcoin - Blockonomics

About this service

I will never be aware of any of your credit card details.
The data is provided directly to banks Paypal, Bitcoin-Blockonomics, Stripe and any other payment system that may be implemented.